Yet another use for wood comes from the Canadian Wood Council (CWC). CWC recently held a contest for post-secondary engineering and forestry students in British Columbia, with the goal to see who could design the best wooden projectile launcher. CWC said in an article in the Vancouver Sun that the contest was a way to promote the use of wood in construction and engineering.

The contest sounds like a lot of fun. It also sounds like a great way to get younger generations to think about the importance of wood and new uses for it, even though a projectile launcher isn’t the most practical use imaginable.

I hear many say that woodworking is not attracting as many younger people to the industry as it once did. Maybe it is unique projects like this that could get them interested and also bring an open mind with them at the same time.

What do you think? Does anyone out there have any ideas how to interest the youth of today in woodworking? We would love to hear your insightful comments and opinions on this subject.

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