A lot of people, when asked about the upcoming elections, or politics in general, are indifferent. Some think that all politicians are the same. Others have no faith in the system and feel their vote means nothing. Although these people might have a point, I like to think that the person that we pick to lead our country or represent our state is an important decision, and that if everyone participated in the process, they might feel differently, and even possibly see some results. Does that make me an optimist or just delusional?  

I know it is said that politics can be a taboo subject. But who says we can’t talk about facts, and possibly learn some things that might enlighten us. Whose view on international trade or environmental policies are the best for your company? Who has the best plan to deal with immigration? Which person is the most qualified to handle the economy? Don’t all these things affect the woodworking industry in some way?

What I’m proposing is a forum for anyone in the industry to share information about their favorite and least favorite candidates in the 2008 elections, be it presidential, senatorial or even local, and for what reasons. Let others know why you think Candidate A is better than Candidate B on a certain issue. Tell others how these candidates will affect our industry, be it positive or negative. The purpose of the forum would be to inform fellow woodworkers and help them make the best decisions for themselves, the industry and the country. What a noble idea!

Go to the forums page of ISWonline, look inside the “Woodworking – General” folder for the 2008 Elections forum and let us know your thoughts. Or even comment on this blog if you’d like. And please keep it clean. A healthy discourse between members of the industry is a positive thing.



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