I know we've finally seen some encouraging housing numbers, so I was thinking about writing blog about how booming business is right around the corner. To be honest though, I'm tired of economic talk, even if it's finally some good news. Instead, I thought I'd share my favorite web videos that demonstrate some serious triumphs in wood engineering.

This first video is probably my favorite — a table with walking legs! Imagine the unlimited applications of such a table. You could strap a small motor to the undercarriage, and send beers and salsa from the kitchen to your friends at your next Super Bowl party while you continue mashing avocados your guacamole. What would you use this table for, and do you think you could replicate this piece of engineering?

These next two videos are also incredible, and my Chicago apartment could use similar space solutions (though on a smaller scale, I live in a shoebox!). They would be great for saving space in a kitchen or dining room because of how they can shrink and expand.

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