America’s favorite pastime has taken a hit.

Following on the heels of recent legislation in Indiana regarding the right to “bear arms” on workplace property, Major League Baseball (MLB) has announced its own definitive rule regarding weapons.

According to AP reports, signs placed in baseball spring training locker rooms this year expressly notify all players, MLB employees and other central baseball businesses that: “individuals are prohibited from possessing deadly weapons while performing any services for MLB.” Included on the list are firearms, explosives, daggers, metal knuckles, switchblades and knives having blades exceeding 5 inches long.

Wooden bats, however, are still acceptable.

According to baseball officials, the “Major League Baseball’s Weapon-Free Workplace Policy” has been in development for more than a year, following the Plaxico Burress incident. The recent events surrounding Gilbert Arenas stupidity in bringing guns to Washington’s Verizon Center may have helped spur the posting of the signage.

The policy is effective in any facility or venue owned, operated or controlled by MLB. However, according to reports, similar to the proposed Indiana bill, possession of weaponry may be allowed in the parking lots, depending on local laws.

Earlier this month Wade Vonasek blogged about whether guns should be allowed on workplace property. One of the comments in favor of allowing guns in locked vehicles in company parking lots was so people could go hunting immediately prior or after work, without stopping home first.

Tipping the scales over the convenience factor is the stupidity, i.e., temporary insanity the irresponsible claim when they draw their weapons during a confrontation, whether as a “joke,” as claimed by Arenas, or in temper, as what happened at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.
MLB has taken a stand on this issue. The NBA also has spoken.

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