In last month’s blog, I wrote of Major League Baseball’s ban on weapons in ballparks. Wood bats, obviously, were allowed.

We have to qualify that now.

MLB has now banned some maple bats in the minor leagues. It’s part of the push to eliminate the chance of flying projectiles from the fractured bats from hitting players, umpires and fans. The rule currently affects bats made from ultra-light maple, which MLB says are more likely to break.

According to news sources, the ban is being tested on the minor league before being implemented in the majors. What affect this could have on the power hitters, many of which have gravitated toward maple bats because of the light weight, remains to be seen.

It probably won’t affect the outcome of this year’s major league baseball season, but it could the next. Personally, here’s hoping the maple bat ruling will be the “stick” that finally breaks the billy goat’s “back” (curse) — and the Cubs will finally the World Series.

That’s whom I’m rooting for this year, at least. How about you?

Click here to see a video of Rawlings making a bat

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