I appreciate the opportunity to participate in your newsletter and talk about IWF 2010 (International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair-USA).

Safety Speed Cut Manufacturing has been participating in tradeshows around the world since the 1960s. I recognize IWF as one of the best organized shows for woodworkers because it offers a wide range of products and manufacturers all in one location. IWF demonstrates the creativeness of the industry and gives woodworkers a chance to see things that they didn’t even know existed.

We are all aware that this year’s IWF (Aug. 25-28 in Atlanta) will have fewer exhibitors and attendees than previous years, but even at 50% the size of 2008 it will have over 400,000 square feet of exhibit space and 10,000 visitors. That means there is still plenty of equipment and supplies to see and more time for attendees to spend with exhibitor representatives, giving them a better education on the products of interest. Attendees and exhibitors want to get their businesses back on track.

With everyone’s positive attitude and support of the show we can be the deciding factor for not only this event but for the industry as a whole. Instead of just cutting this show from your budget (exhibitor or attendee), efficiently purchase your travel, bring fewer people or don’t go out for that steak dinner. This is not a show that any of us can afford to miss. Remember you’re not selling anything or getting better at your business by sitting at the office or in the workshop.

This is an educational event that only happens every other year. Even if you don’t have any plans for major purchases this year, plan to attend IWF to see what is new, to visit with your peers and to explore 2011 purchases. The industry is changing and what you miss this year might cost you money next year.

I have talked with several of my peers (other American machinery manufacturers) that would not even think of missing this show because it is a chance not only to sell products but to support those customers that have purchased from them in the past.

I look forward to seeing you all at the show and to improving our industry’s outlook one day at a time.

Brian Donahue
Safety Speed Cut Mfg.-American Made

Brian Donahue is President of Safety Speed Cut Mfg. of Minneapolis, MN. He is also an active member of the 
Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America, which along with the American Home Furnishings Alliance and Woodworking Machinery Industry Assn , owns IWF.

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