Working in an Office FishbowlDon’t get me wrong I am not against open-plan work environments or even partial cubicles. But the trend toward glass-walled offices and meeting rooms has got to go.

Granted, I understand the benefits, namely open communication and collaboration, and lower energy costs due to more natural light being allowed to penetrate the office space. A large number of corporations certainly appear to like the style. A Wall Street Journal article recently quoted a survey by the International Facilities Management Assn. that found in favor of the practice. In fact, the survey found that 68 percent of offices in the United States have an “open plan” or “open seating” layout, while many other offices and meeting rooms were encased in glass.

So while I’m not anti-social, perhaps I am atypical for questioning whether we really need our meetings, conversations and personal work habits on display for all and sundry to see. (Let’s not forget the distraction factor, of staring — or being stared at — as co-workers walk by.)

I say no to the fishbowl, but that’ my opinion. What is your preference and why? Post your comments.

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