Singing Paint and Other Attention-Grabbing MarketingThe headline on the April 1 release read: AkzoNobel Tunes Up for Launch of "Singing" Paint. I'm no fool — I had to read it.

A revolutionary new paint product, AkzoNobel's LiquidSoundz features nanotechnology embedded in the pigment to convert audio signals into audible sound waves, turning the painted surfaces into surround-sound speakers. Initial offerings include a palette of "groovy" colors such as: Daft Pink, Run DM Sepia, Goldplay, Teal Diamond, Depeche Mauve, Marvin Grey, Chris de Burgundy, Wu-Tang Tan, The Peach Boys, Cyannie Lennox, John Lemon, Red Zeppelin, Fleetwood Black, Green Latifah and Ace of Beige.

"This is an incredibly exciting breakthrough which heralds a new wave for the coatings industry," noted AkzoNobel’s Head of Nanotech Coatings, Dr Peri Neal, in the release. "I think it's fair to say it could be music to the ears of many designers and architects, not to mention anyone who is thinking of jazzing up their homes. Your walls can now quite literally sing the blues – or the reds, greens or yellows."

With this press release parody, AkzoNobel accomplished what many companies fail to do: it caught and held the attention of a potential customer. And not only did I share this with my co-workers and friends (especially the clever color names), but you can bet I will remember the company in the future.

Singing Paint and Other Attention-Grabbing MarketingAlso grabbing my attention this April Fool's Day was a new "flooring" product by BuildDirect. Complete with video, the press release described the company's addition of real chocolate plank flooring to its lineup of hardwood, laminate, engineered wood and other floor product offerings. "We know consumers will be sweet on our new chocolate flooring," said BuildDirect's CEO Jeff Booth in the release. "You can literally taste the quality." (Click here to watch the video on the Chocolate Sensation Handscraped Classic Collection)

All kidding aside, I certainly am not advocating that companies should have to parody their products in order to get customers' attention. But periodically adding a dash of the unconventional to your marketing strategy will keep the audience's attention on your product line. The strategy employed in the two examples here, certainly got mine.