Call it a sign of the times for today’s transient society, a Canadian moving and storage company has launched a line of modified steel shipping containers for use as living quarters, offices and labs.

According to BigSteelBox, the concept is not new: steel containers have been used for housing in Europe for a number of years. And with the recent launch of its Structures division, the company is promoting the use of its 6-foot to 53-foot containers as home and office solutions, especially for those in remote areas.

Based in Kelowna, BigSteelBox has 18 locations across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, as well as two in Washington State. In may of this year, BigSteelBox merged with condo developer Mission Group Enterprises Ltd. and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.

According to the company’s website,, BigSteelBox Structures’ new quarters made their debut at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary this year. The company says the “modified containers” are available with hardwood floors and can be equipped with wood cabinets, bathrooms, an electronic sound system, bedrooms, closets, etc.

"A lot of companies operating in remote camps have trouble keeping their workers. Good accommodations make a difference and these luxury boxes beat a trailer and bunk beds any day," Jason Siebenga, president of BigSteelBox said in a press release.

I can even see them catching on in more populated areas, especially for those forced to “think outside the box” when it comes to finding affordable home and office solutions.



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