How Veneer Solutions Wins with Conscious CapitalismVeneer Solutions has taken on a community project in our home base of Clarksville, TX. And in the process we have discovered we are part of a growing movement in business, called "Conscious Capitalism."

This is being promoted by companies like Target, Costco, The Container Store, Whole Food's Market, IKEA and many, many more.

These companies believe they have a much bigger responsibility than just bottom line profits. It is a holistic approach where these companies work for the benefit of their employees, customers, suppliers, community, environment and stock holders.

How Veneer Solutions Wins with Conscious CapitalismAn awesome book, Firms of Endearment, has been written about this shift in business approach. The really cool thing is that "Firms of Endearment" companies are outperforming Good to Great companies in bottom line profits as well.

In an effort to help the community where my factory is located in Clarksville, TX, we took on a huge project to bring back to life a lake and park which nature had taken over about 15 years ago. In addition to Veneer Solutions, a number of other companies in Clarksville have jumped on the bandwagon and are helping out. The reaction from the Mayor down throughout all members of this community has been amazing. There is also a website up and running which is following the progress,

The American ideology is alive and well. We will find a way to continue to be the #1 place in the world to live and work.

Peter O'Brien is president of Veneer Solutions, Clarksville, TX. In a guest blog posted last year, O'Brien told the story of how Veneer Solutions located in Clarksville, TX and how the local community embraced and nurtured his business.

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