The Woods Quality Cabinetry Company, in the town called Eighty Four, PA, invested in a flashy website - with a 360-degree video tour of its 90,000 square foot manufacturing operation.

Now it qualifies as an orphan site, along with other vestiges of the company. The Woods Quality Cabinetry equipment goes on auction by a court appointed receiver on March 20, two years after it first filed for voluntary reorganization in Western Pennsylvania bankruptcy court. In September 2013 that bankruptcy protection Chapter 11 filing was converted to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, dissolving the company - also documented in online court records.

The cabinetmaker's original website will remain until its license lapses, survived for a little longer by online records of The Quality Wood Cabinetry 401K assets - $543,486 as of 2010, when there were 65 participants January 1. Just 56 remained by December 31, and 38 had made contributions to the plan. 

The orphan websites document the state of its production operations, which was not impressive. Grinding to a halt as an operating concern, Woods Quality Cabinetry earned this dismal commentary at Yelp on Dec. 12, 2012:

I wish they had a no star option. The quality of the cabinets is very poor. Rough, unfinished edges for the pull-out drawers. Then a woman who works there had the audacity to lie to me twice about the delivery time. The delivery truck had broken down the night before (and she knew it - the delivery guys told me so), but yet she told me the delivery would be between noon and 1pm. When I called her again at 3:30 she told me they were on their way. They were still at the previous location until 4. I really don't appreciate being lied to. If you have another choice for getting your cabinets made then take it.

The virtual plant tour, captured in stills as a slide show, gives glimpses of some of the items on sale at the auction next week: a 2001 SCMI 3-Axis Point-to-Point CNC router - 128" X-Axis, 48.8" Y-Axis, 7.9" Z-Axis, 3.8" Max Part Thickness;  a 2004 GIBEN CNC Panel Saw; a pair of UNIQUE CNC Door Machines; Balestrini and Bacci tenoners; Powermatic and Dodds dovetail machines; Vorwood sander/shapers; 18 shop saws, including table saws, chop saws, sliding table saws, and miter saws; and 14 forklifts.

At best the cabinet plant reflects islands of automation in a sea of manual transport carts and forklifts. Do you see anything there you want?

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