With the New Year comes an abundance of top ten lists, both reflecting on the previous year as well as looking into the new one. Online green building magazine Jetson Green recently published two lists containing the top ten green building trends for 2010; one from Jerry Yudelson of green building consultancy Yudelson Associates, who is an author of 11 green building books and past chair of Greenbuild; and another from Sean Penrith of the Earth Advantage Institute, a non-profit based in Portland, OR, that certifies green buildings.

Both lists suggest that growth will continue in 2010 for green building, with Yudelson predicting a more than 60% jump. Green building is expected to gain wider acceptance, with the retail sector “becoming conscious of the importance of green operations and green supply chain endeavors” and “European green building technologies becoming better known and more widely adopted in the U.S. and Canada,” according to Yudelson, who also suggests that “green building will benefit from the Obama presidency and the strongly Democratic Congress, with a continued focus on green jobs gained by applying incentives to energy efficiency, new green technologies and renewable energy.”

So how will the continued prominence of green building affect how your company does business? Is your company benefitting, losing out or unaffected? Your insights and opinions are welcomed.

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