The summer is officially over and the first stages of fall are starting. In the north woods of Wisconsin, the sumac is turning color and the night temperatures are below 60 degrees.

The northern states have these annual physical signs that remind us to get the final outside jobs done to prepare for winter. Your business has the same need.

You need to get out there and prepare for the upcoming season. The holidays are coming soon and with them come the plant and building shutdowns.

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There will be a week at Thanksgiving and a couple of weeks in December/January where no one wants you in their homes remodeling, or installing.

If you build wood products that people can install themselves, be ready for the surge of buying. Get your advertising, promotions, emails and postcards in front of your customers now. They are already thinking ahead to the holidays and are buying presents as you read this. Your promotions need to catch their eye when the buying mood strikes.

This is a great time to “flirt” with old customers by contacting them about your products. Bring up the work you created in the past and update them on the new things you can create now.

It’s fall, time to harvest and stock the larder. Winter is coming.

Good hunting,


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