The word "sold" has some serious negative connotations We all hate the idea of being sold something. Aggressive salespeople pushing us into buying something we don't want or can't use builds a negative image of all sales and salespeople, so I'm very serious when I say that you should stop trying to sell people. Instead of selling, try listening.

Lou Holtz, the famous college football coach said it best: "One of the most important lessons I ever learned was: You don't sell anyone, You help people get what they want."

And how do you find out want people want?, By listening, not selling.

The key to listening is excellent, empathetic questions that are focused on your true curiosity about your customers needs. Questions about their needs and ideas are the best way to determine how you can help them. Try simple, open-ended questions that require explanations, instead of yes or no answers. Questions like: Why are they meeting with you? What is their vision of the completed project? How will it look when they first see it? If they could change anything about their current layout, what would it be?

Being curious shows you care about their needs and are interested in helping them get what they want, instead of selling them something they don't need.

Good Hunting,


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