Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers are in first place for their division. As a result of their success this season, tickets are hard to find. Why, because people love to hang around winners.

That same philosophy works in the business world. Customers flock to companies they perceive as “winners.” One way to present your woodworking company as a winning, successful team is to set high expectations early in your meetings with clients. When making sales presentation or design discussions add a time constraint at the start of every meeting. This will give the impression that not only is your time valuable but you respect theirs as well.

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Every other salesperson will waste time and hang around until literally forced out the door. They mistakenly think they are building relationships by involving the customer in their daily lives. Often they are so busy chatting about themselves; they fail to recognize the signs of boredom and frustration on their customers’ face.

For example, as you first meet with the clients, say something like; “I have a lot on my plate today, but I want to make sure our time together is focused. We can work through this in about 20 minutes and then we can talk about it for a little while before I have to leave at 2 o’clock.”

This method shows your client a few important things. One, you are a successful business with other clients (a winner). Two, you are not going to waste their time with idle chit-chat. And three, you are different from every other salesperson that comes in their door.

People want to work with people that will get the job done. Show you are a professional and a winner by setting high expectations early.

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