The old party question: If you knew that in your top dresser drawer there was a piece of paper on which was written the exact date and time of your death, would you peek?

My wife Lynn says, “No” she doesn’t want to know. The question made me think about my answer, but also about our woodworking industry. If we knew the exact date and time the industry would recover, would we have continued our business?

In the last six months, the local WI market has lost at least three more shops. WoodMill, Brown County, and Wisconsin Woodcraft all closed their doors. If they had known, what would or could they have changed? More effort towards sales? Less expenditures and faster layoffs?

Brad Parent of Paul’s Cabinet Shop took the attitude of all three. As a past general contractor, Brad understood how to handle volatile markets. Brad’s opinion is “Sales fix everything.” He cut his expenditures, pared down his staff, and increased his efforts and staff time on selling more.

Paul’s Cabinet Shop made it through the roughest downturn and now sees light at the end of the tunnel.

The lesson is in the toughest markets; increase your sales people, time and efforts.

And the paper in my dresser drawer? I would look. I want to know. If my date is coming soon, I have a lot to do. If I have a lot of time left, I’m going to have to join a gym!

Good Hunting,


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