Increase Showroom Traffic with VideosOne of the toughest jobs of any showroom is to get potential customers in the door to see your woodworking projects. Professional showrooms can make a huge memorable impact on any prospect, if they can just get them to see the inside.

Shops used to spend the marketing budget on brochures and still shots of showrooms and vignettes. Now most shops have established a website to increase accessibility but usually are still showing the same still pictures.

It’s time to update. Whether you have a huge showroom or just work out of your basement, videos can increase your business. Videos create movement that builds the emotion and passion of your design or product. They also make great testimonials for your designs. Whenever possible, try to include the customer in your videos, their excitement over your work will translate quickly to new prospects and build a level of trust in your abilities.

The plethora of homemade videos on YouTube and Facebook allows all of us to create our own videos without looking too foolish. People even seem more attracted to the self-created video and less to the professional videos that look more like advertisements.

The ease of making and posting videos takes away many of the costs usually associated with video production, so don’t limit your mini-movies to just the final product. Take the time to make videos showing the craftsmanship used in building your product too.

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