Since we launched in December, the editors of Wood & Wood Products and Custom Woodworking Business have been in a blogging frenzy.

The Editor's Blog regularly featured in the Woodworking Network Update newsletter, published Monday-Thursday each week, and posted on the website, has become a popular staple. We enjoy the freedom to write on top-of-mind subjects, be it hot regulatory issues such as
crib safety and formaldehyde, fun things such as Managing Editor Michaelle Bradfords recent blog: "Could You Build Cabinets for an Upside-Down House?", or sales and marketing advice for custom woodworkers by our new columnist Rick Hill.

Over the past six months, our blog pulpit has also been used by a host of guest bloggers. Just last week, Allen Wagoner, president of Flamex Inc., urged wood products executives to get involved with the National Fire Protection Association's voluntary combustible dust rule making process.

Other guest blogs have covered far ranging subject matter from "Tips for Preventing Dust Clouds" by Jon Barrett and "Air Bags on Skateboards?" by Gerald Finch to "Make IWF Part of Your 2010 Plans" by Brian Donahue and "Furniture CEO Turned on to YouTube" by Abel Zalcberg.

We don't always agree with all of the opinions presented by our guest bloggers. We do, however, always appreciate the fact that they take the time to formulate their thoughts into words for the benefit of our community of woodworking pros and industry suppliers.

A Standing Invitation
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