Apple’s much anticipated retail launch of its much-hyped iPad takes place Saturday, April 3. Reportedly more than half a million iPads were pre-ordered and a growing waiting list further attests to consumers’ desire to own one.

As iPad has Amazon's Kindle looking in its rearview mirror, a Silicon Valley company is looking to capitalize on iPad’s big mo. PQ Labs is likening its Multi-Touch Screen 3G iTable, as “the iPad’s bigger brother." It’s a high-tech coffee table with an embedded 42-inch HD screen, 18 the times of an iPad or 144 times the size of the iPhone. (And it’s got legs!)

Larger custom sizes are available and if space is an issue, turn the Multi-Touch Screen on its side and hang it on your wall. (Quick. Which will be the world’s first museum of contemporary art to hang a tryptic of screens ready for the creation of collateral, real-time digital art by visitors?)

The iTable can accommodate up to 32 fingers at a time, allowing for interactive fun among many people. (I couldn’t find any information on what happens if a 33rd finger inadvertently simultaneously comes in contact with the screen. 2012?)

If a picture tells 1,000 words, then the accompanying video tells at least 1,001 about the iTable. Check it out and think about how the ever-increasingly ubiquitous World Wide Web could play into your wood products in the future near and far.

Anyone for an iEdgebander?

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