What Music Rocks Your Woodworking World?I enjoy listening to music when I'm writing about the wood products industry at home after-office hours or on weekends.

My usual modus operandi is to play my iPod on shuffle. This results in an eclectic stream of music from Rock and Blues through Jazz and Classical. An iPod shuffle session might include classic rock songs from the Kinks, Cream or The Doors to something more contemporary alternative like Xenia Rubinos (see video above), Man Man or The Hives. Interspersed I'll hear bits of Chopin, Beethoven, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Kurt Elling, Silver Apples, Amon Duul II, Fairport Convention, Wilco, etc.

For those without iPods, I discovered there is a wide variety of long-play music loops on Youtube, such as multiple hours of Mozart (below), Vivaldi and other classical music composers to ambient music, smooth jazz and soulful beach house music video.

What gets your creative juices flowing when you take on a woodworking project or helps you make it through the monotony of seemingly endless hand sanding applications between multiple coats of finish?

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