A few weeks ago I offered a practical way you can help further the cause of woodworking education and help steer the younger generation into choosing woodworking as a career.Woodworkers: Pay it Forward Support the WCA Auction #WNlive

Several of you joined me in donating a piece to be auctioned silently through the show April 15-16; then top items will be live auctioned on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at the Cabinets and Closets Conference and Expo in Chicago. All donors also get a free pass to the show.

Now bidders can, too. Just make an offer on one of the items shown here, and Carroll Henning will send you a code to get you into the show for free.

You can see the collection of small boxes, rulers, a child's rocker - my donation is the oepn bowl with the tapered miter corners. These donated items will be on display at the show; but by emailing a bid in advance you'll help . The items will be present at the show with bids so far included.

All proceeds from the auction and the t-shirt sale benefit the Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA). This organization works with employers and schools to help certify individuals in various woodworking tasks from measuring and layout to setting up and operating a CNC machine.

You can read more about the WCA by clicking here. Proceeds from this silent auction will go to support education and travel by teachers and students to industry events like AWFS and IWF.

Be sure to spread the word about the auction and your donation on facebook and twitter using the hashtag #WNLive. The more we get the word out, the more we can help students and teachers!

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