I'm a workshop guy...and I do my best to stay in my workshop, because I like it there. I know where everything is in my workshop. Even the things I frequently misplace...I have extras in the shop so that one is always handy.

But I do have to go on-site for installs. When I do, I like to carry as little as possible. When I worked for other shops, I never minded the time I spent lugging tools and casework to location. Now that I'm a business owner, it's one of those places where dollars seem to slip away from each project.

I bought in to Milwaukee's M12 Line a few months back. They had a deal going where you got a free tool when you purchased certain kits. So I have a drill driver, right angle drill, hackzall, and oscillating multi-tool packed in this backpack with charger.

It's kind of a misuse of the backpack, I think...according to the pictures on Milwaukee's pamphlet hanging off the product, I'm supposed to keep their line of hand tools in there. Why can't I just do as I'm told?

Despite my misuse, the backpack is fantastic. Two main pockets: one for tools, and the other for a laptop are well blocked and padded. The rugged polypro bottom is durable, thick and heavy, and keeps the pack upright and stable when set-down.

Several small zipper and velcro compartments keep bits and bobs organized. The interior pockets are plentiful and of sufficient size. Some elastic webbing in a MOLLE format (for you tactical guys) adds a quick option for clipped or compressed storage. One outside zippered pocket is the perfect size for a smartphone, pen, pencil, sharpie, and notebook. The secondary storage compartment is padded for a laptop, and has a single pocket divider (½ height) within.

The grab loops on top are stout, and I really, really, really, really, really like the fact that there are two of them. Better still-grabbing either one the pack balances nicely in hand! Milwaukee backpack design team: this “winner, winner chicken dinner” goes out to you-good show chaps! Harness system is comfortable, and has webbing stitched with gaps, adding more clip-on storage (I have a Gerber multi-tool clipped on the front).

I'm not looking to sell it to you...but this kit in backpack has has reduced install time for me on two jobs. It's become my go-to bag at home, and carries everything I need for 90% of my household projects.

The Tally:

Rocks:  Poly bottom

Top loops

Overall construction

Sucks: Nothing

Whatevs: Front flap

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