Suzie Hall, owner of Cornerstone Interior Design, came to us and asked for a 51″ diameter round dining table that could extend to 108″ total! An extension of 57″, which is greater than the diameter of the original table, seemed like a tall order, but we figured most anything is possible if designed correctly. This is the first of two entries surrounding the project.

After some Internet searching, we discovered metal and wood table extensions that confirmed our hunch that it was indeed possible and is actually quite common.

The 3D model above is the overall look of the table in the closed position. Each half will have a leg assembly that is able to hold itself upright and slide along the floor when the table is opened up.

When the table is pulled apart, the user can install up to three 19″ leaves, allowing the table to extend to lengths of 70″, 89″ and 108″.

We began by milling the two half-round tops, the three leaves, and the skirt that wrapped around the entire underside of the table. With the tops and skirts milled, cut to length, sanded, and screwed together, it was time to join all five table top pieces using table pins and alignment locks.

After installing the table pins into the edges of the table tops, we laid the table tops upside and added the alignment locks.

The table pins ensure perfect alignment between two tops since the pin fits perfectly into its corresponding hole without any play. The perfect fit is great when it comes to the finished fit and function of the table, but aligning and drilling the holes perfectly opposite each other is incredibly difficult! Thankfully we were having a very good day and all 12 pins were perfectly aligned!

In the second and final part of this project, I will discuss the installation of the alignment locks and extensions as well as veneer application and final touches.

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