Still working my first day on my way through the International Woodworking Fair, I continued my journey through the maze of exhibitors. Edgebanding discoveries highlighted the next part of my  day:

I was able to see an in-depth demonstration of the new Brandt Ambition 1110 edgebander, carried by Stiles, and demonstrated for me by Coby Johnson of Advanced Machinery.

I have purchased a half dozen pieces of used machinery from Coby over the past two years, and over the past three months or so we have been looking for quality used edgebanders. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find just the right one.

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With all the other used equipment I have purchased and appreciated, a used piece seemed perfect for my company, but after surveying the used market, and educating myself on edgebanders, I decided that I was willing to pony up the money and buy new.

Brandt recently released their Ambition line of edgebanders, which are geared towards the small cabinet shop. The machine comes standard with top and bottom trim, front and end trim, and buffing, and can also include, at time of purchase, a pre-mill unit.

The pre-mill will actually remove anywhere from .5-3 mm from the face of the piece, thereby ensuring the edgeband is being applied to the most perfect face of particle board possible. The unit can also have a scraping unit installed at any point down the road. The results were absolutely incredible! Even the base model, which does not have the pre-mill or scraping stations, produced beautiful results!

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