Williams & Hussey Marks 60 Years Making Molders in New Hampshire
July 15, 2014 | 8:22 pm UTC
Williams & Hussey Marks 60 Years Making Molders in New Hampshire

Williams & Hussey Marks 60 Years Making Molders in New HampshireWilliams & Hussey is celebrating 60 years of manufacturing molders in the Granite State of New Hampshire. Although our location has changed within a few miles of each other we are still located in the southern part of the state. We would like to share some history of how W&H has evolved over the decades.

● In the early 1950’s Thurston Williams and Forrest Hussey founded Williams & Hussey (W&H) in Milford, NH, manufacturing pumps and auto parts.
● In 1954 Thurston and Forrest purchased the M&M molder/planer product line from the M&M Power Tool Mfg. Co. Inc. located in Keene, NH.
● In 1954 W&H changed the design of the M&M and offered three molder planer models; W7 manual feed, W7PF power in-feed and the W7S power in and out-feed.
● The W7PF and W7S models were designed with a constant 15 feet per minute feed rate.
● The speckled green molders were portable and were sold primarily to hardware stores.

1960 – 1970’s
● During the 60’s woodworkers were purchasing the W7PF & W7S for molding capability rather than planing.
● In the early 1960’s the molder/planer color was changed from speckled green to battleship gray.
● In 1964 W&H purchased the J.G. Blount Company, a manufacturer of vocational and industrial lathes and grinders.
● In the late 70’s in addition to the woodworking molder/planers, W&H manufactured machine tools for the machine tool industry under the brand name of OK Tool.

● In 1982 a woodworking lathe, L-82 was added to the product line.
● In 1983 a cabinet maker’s vise, WV-83 was added to the product line.
● In 1985 a stand with rollers was available for the molder/planers.
● In the mid 80’s an article promoting the versatility of the W&H molder/planer was published in Popular Mechanics Magazine. As a result, the company launched a major marketing campaign to promote the molder/planers.
● In 1987 Steve Carter Vice President of W&H and Jack Heelon Treasurer of OK Tool purchased the company.
● February 1988 W&H moved from Milford to Wilton NH during a major snow storm.

● In the early 90’s the decision was made to discontinue production on the L-82 Lathe & the WV-83 Vise due to offshore competition. The company focused on the substantial growth of the molder/planer product line.
● As business continued to grow in the 90’s new improvements were made to the molder/planers. A decision was made to change the molder/planer color from battleship gray to red.
● Along with the color change improvements and upgrades were made to the molder/planers. The stand was redesigned and the EJ-92 Elliptical Jig was introduced.
● W&H experienced significant growth in the 90’s expanding its market from the US to Canada. As growth continued trade show activity, magazine ads and industrial distributors were increased.
● In the late 90’s the molder/planer was referred to as a “molder”.

● In 2000-2001 respected public television woodworking personalities Norm Abram, The New Yankee Workshop and Tom Silva, This Old House gave viewers a chance to see the W&H molder in action.
● In 2001 Steve Carter became sole owner of W&H.
● In 2004 the machine tool product line was sold so the company could focus on the molder product line.
● In 2006 W&H moved from Wilton back to Milford, again in a major snow storm.
● In 2006 Model 206 with variable feed was introduced. In conjunction with the 206, a multi-pass system, guide system and retro versions of these upgrades were made available.
● In 2009 Model 209 with variable feed was introduced to customers requiring a portable molder that could use 115V.
● In 2010 a design change of the chip deflector/dust hood was upgraded to a chip extractor. The chip extractor was designed for safety and efficiency.
● In 2010 a new Model 154CE constant 11 feet per minute molder was introduced replacing the Model 154.

W&H continues to produce high quality American Made molders, it will always be the practice to offer customers with retro fit upgrades, produce quality knives and continue with excellent customer/technical service.

Stephen V. Carter is President and CEO of Williams & Hussey Machine Co., Inc., Milton, NH, which marks its 60th anniversary while exhibiting at the International Woodworking Fair 2014.  Williams & Hussey Marks 60 Years Making Molders in New Hampshire

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