We often need something to make us stop and listen. The recent news about China dumping plywood is terrible. We have all seen the usual Chinese method of gaining market share with huge price reductions and then later changing their quality standards after the business is bought. Remember the Chinese drywall issues that cost the homebuilders millions of dollars in repairs? Or the recent issue with melamine contaminants in dog food and treats

Instead of focusing on the bad news, let’s look at ways that American products are beating the imports every day.

American products are coming back strong and beating low-priced imports every day in many industries. Several sites like American Made Matters, and USA Wares, are focusing their web sites on only American products. Even Amazon.com has a special section at Made in the USA, highlighting their American made offerings. Many of you may have seen the series on ABC News called Made In America.

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If you followed the series, you may have seen a great story about Maze Nails in IL. Maze is whipping the imports with better shipping, better packaging, and a better product every day. Another great example in our woodworking industry is Valley Custom Door in Green Bay, WI making cabinet doors against the imports and winning. Century Components in Sugarcreek, OH, is also winning against the largest importers of wood components with new innovations in products, shipping, and customization.

American manufacturers are coming back strong. Take a minute to look at your buying history and see where you may have an opening for American Made.


* This article is the third in a series of four guest blogs entitled "Made in America" by industry professional Bill Riebau. Every Saturday, Woodworking Network will publish another installment of Bill's discussion. Join us next week for Part III: American-Made Products in the Winner’s Circle Again.

American-Made Products in the Winner’s Circle Again Bill Riebau grew up in the family cabinet business covering his blisters in sawdust. After 20 years building cabinets and running the 60 man shop, Bill turned that experience into an Independent Rep business specializing in new innovations for the woodworking industry. You can reach Bill at [email protected].

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