Woodworkers: Anyone Sound Familiar?We all encounter many different kinds of people  in our business and personal, and most likely, you know some who might fit these descriptions.

There's Mr. Too Busy. This fellow is always in a rush to get somewhere or do something. More often than not, he books his day to overflowing with events, activities, meetings, to-dos and not leaving any margin for error or anything running overtime. In fact, if you try to interrupt his precisely orchestrated flow, at best you will get a glaring scowl and a snarl from him.

Then there's Mr. Right. He's written the book on the only, correct and true way to run anything and everything. His mind is made up before he even starts. He knows there are two ways to do things...his way and the wrong way. Don't bother confusing the issue with facts disputing the Mr. Right way. Did I mention, his first name is Always?

Then there's the Same Ole, Same Ole twins. These guys have been doing the same thing the same way for so long, they are oblivious to what is happening all around them. It's like they have tunnel vision. But they are dogged in their determination to do the same things in exactly the same way. Then they wonder why the results haven't changed when they find themselves slipping.

Then there's the poor fellow who's non-committal to doing anything, just waiting and waiting for things to improve before he makes his move.

I’m sure that from time to time, we’ve all been somewhat like these examples. I happened upon a short, funny video that helps drive the point home. The words of the song got me thinking about how an owner or manager running a business can take the hard route (making dumb decisions and toughing them out) or can choose to follow a much easier route.

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