Updating the Cabinet Makers 2014 Benchmark StudyIn the wake of its industry leading 2014 Benchmark Study, the Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) has begun a new study to refresh results captured earlier this year.

With the last study results being 6 months old, •This brief refresher survey specifically addresses that question, as well as a few other areas not previously studied in depth.”

The CMA office has developed a fairly quick but insightful benchmark survey on these topics and more, and we need your participation to fill in the blanks. The refresher survey itself is about 15 multiple choice questions long and will take around 4-6 minutes for each participant to complete. Once the results are tabulated, those who have participated will be the first to receive the report.

 Take the CMA Cabinet and Custom Woodworking Shop Benchmark Refresher Survey

Here are some of the questions previously answered in the year end 2014 study:

• Have you ever wondered just how your business stacks up against others?
• How much are they paying their employees?
• How much are the owners earning?
• Which items do they make in house and which are outsourced?
• What about their hourly shop rates?
• Is my market area ahead or behind of what is happening in other areas?
• Which areas of cabinetry and custom woodworking are hot and which ones are not?
• How much are others spending on marketing, advertising and promotions and what is working for them?
• How do others see their company’s outlook for 2014 and how well did they really do in 2013?

As a special incentive, each qualified participant in this refresher study will receive not the results from this mid-year refresher, but also a complimentary copy of the full 2014 Benchmark Study, a $39.95 value. Qualified participants include, but are not limited to owners and senior managers of custom cabinet and woodworking businesses. We’d encourage as many participants as possible to complete this very brief questionnaire.

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