CMA Finds Websites Top Sales Lead GeneratorMILWAUKEE, WI - The early returns are in, and websites and networking within associations and groups are reported as the most reliable ways of generating new business inquiries beyond referrals from past clients in the CMA’s new Sales Process survey.

How about you? What are your best methods of bringing in new business inquiries?

The CMA’s Sales Process survey is closing on Friday, November 2, and we want your opinions. This survey is a warm up for our Annual Benchmark Study, which will be launched next month. That Benchmark Study measures the state of the industry within the custom cabinet and woodworking business.

A little less than 1 in 5 (17.6%) survey respondents report they have adequate current sales inquiries to meet their current needs. Of the remaining 80+%, they are seeking more sales inquiries to grow, if not simply to survive. Only about a third (31.6%) report they know how to generate more inquiries and have already begun to get more.

Where do you stand? The survey takes less than 4 minutes to complete and is in a multiple choice format. To take the survey, follow this link. If you leave behind your e-mail address, we’ll send you the survey results once they are ready.

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