ATLANTA - The CMA kicked off events the day before IWF 2012 with a tour of the recently completed Sub-Zero Wolf showroom in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. A dozen CMA members met the day before the show kickoff for a tour of the showroom that was opened in May. The high end appliance showroom was completed by Exclusive Woodworking and features literally hundreds of ultra high end appliance displays.

The event kicked off at 1pm with a cooking demonstration by Corporate Chef George Lauden. George started with an appetizer of pizza with caramelized onions, figs and gorgonzola cheese all drizzled in olive oil. It was an interesting play on the dish and everyone was inspired by the flavor and presentation.

Chef George followed that up with an herb crusted pork tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes served with a side of jumbo lump crab cakes and grits, there was also grilled shrimp and a side salad to accompany all of that. For dessert he served a medley of fresh berries marinated in framboise liqueur and served over a fresh baked flourless cake.

After we were all filled to capacity the event continued with a slide show presentation that documented not only the showroom progress but the progress in the shop at Exclusive Woodworking. Much of the high end work was shown as it progressed through production, finishing, shipping, delivery and installation. Many of the unique features and custom details were discussed along the way by those in attendance.

Following the slide show we toured the faculty and were treated to a complete explanation of the many displays, how the custom appliance installations were accomplished and discussion of the many tips and techniques involved in the install of these high end, completely built in appliances.

There are many unique features n the showroom that set it apart from any other appliance showrooms such as custom linear actuators on a couple of wine coolers the pull side fillers back out of the way to allow radius front doors to open with clearance to the side. A counter balanced counter top that has solid surface material on 1 side and back-painted glass on the other that raises up to conceal a liquor storage area and flips down to cover a cooktop and allow for unencumbered serving space. This top is 2’ x 9’ and can be lifted up and down with 1 hand; it’s quite impressive as the entire mechanism is completely concealed.

Following the tour the group stayed for another hour or so to discuss business practices and generally enjoy each other’s fellowship. All in all it was a very successful adventure and everyone in attendance was thoroughly impressed not only with the level of detail but the incredible quality of the food that the wonderful staff of Sub-Zero provided. Big thanks go out to our wonderful hosts!

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