School Charity Seeks Woodworking AssistDonors Choose, an education charity built around crowd-sourced funding (where lots of online visitors give little bits) is seeking woodworking class support. 

The  Donors Choose approach is unique - individual teachers post their wish list. Visitors to the site can pledge as little or as much as they want.

One attraction is that the contribution is to something concrete. You can see the specific request from the individual teacher: money for a piano tuner for the music class, baseball bats or art suppliers.

Woodworking turned up four requests, including this one by Mr. Letzinger, a junior high and high school shop teacher at Horace Mann County Schools : 

New Technology for an Old CNC

Our CNC software has bit the dust. It is no longer working and our $14,000 machine is standing still!School Charity Seeks Woodworking Assist

My students come from a rural community of about 800. Most of my students' parents own small farms and work in a nearby industrial based town. So my students don’t have much and they need a few basic supplies at school to help lower the cost of their projects.

My Project: This new Enroute CNC software will breathe new life into a dead machine. The software is so expensive, there is no way that our school can support the project alone. The new software will allow my students to cut out 2-d and 3-d objects out of several different types of materials.

This Router CAD Enroute CNC software will be used for several of my classes like drafting and woodworking. Having this software will make my students equal to any other students, in any school with drafting classes!

These resources that you are going to donate will make a difference in my students life, their parents life, and my lives. So please donate whatever you can to make a huge difference in my classroom and community.

Here are some other woodworking education requests currently at the site.

If you have a woodworking school near you, make sure they know about WoodLINKS, which provides member schools curriculum support and a direct channel to equipment and supplies through the generosity of wood manufacturing industry suppliers.

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