TAMPA, FL - To open a woodshop for the public, Bill McCreary planned to raise $250,000. His goal was to find a space and fill it with saws, power tools, laser cutter, workbenches and other shop basics, then charge the public a membership fee to use it. 

After posting his charming videos and networking through Facebook and Twitter, McCreary garnered just  20 backers at Kickstarter.com. A total $2,926 was pledged, far short of his $250,000 goal. McCreary says he will try again, and presents a pretty detail business plan. A digital media creative at a Tampa ad agency, McCreary relates what got him interested in woodworking in the first place: 

Originally from Ohio I learned to build things at a young age. My brother and I had no shortage of Lincoln Logs, LEGOS and Erector Sets. We then moved up to scrap wood, hammers, saws, nails and the like. Since my family didn't have much money to spend on the fancy toys until we were older my brother and I made our own. Completely in our minds or taking apart and re-purposing old toys or making what we could out of scrap supplies. It was fun. So when I got to high school and was told I could take a class where I could pretty much build whatever I wanted I thought, that was pretty rad. I took wood shop for two years and learned how to use many of the tools necessary for building most things of wood. However, when I graduated I ultimately chose computers over woodworking.

That decision led me to Tampa in 2000 to further my education in computer arts. I studied at The International Academy of Design and Technology where I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. Which led me to Dunn & Co. An ad agency where I started programming animations for websites and other applications. This eventually turned into animating graphics for video which quickly rolled into shooting and editing video. This is what I currently do for Dunn&Co. I continued to build things in the real world when I could but, have always been limited by time, space, and money for more professional tools.

This is what ultimately led me to the idea of WOODSHOP. It's nice to be able to build things but unless your doing it professionally it's likely you're in the same boat as me and many others. You don’t have enough space or enough money for the tools required. That’s why you and I both need WOODSHOP! And that is exactly what I would love to create for all of us.

In a video at Kickstarter, McCreary says he'll try again.

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