Research into how woodworkers see the world reveals some surprises. If a woodworker won the lottery? 55% would invest the money in their business. Among favorite past times? Woodworking (duh) and then cooking! (Source: Mind of the Woodworker research)Hence, some burgers on a board, just in time for the holiday weekend. This recipe from Kalamazoo Grills, popular with the outdoor kitchen cabinet set, uses a German brie:

Kalamazoo Grills have served these sliders to happy crowds all over the country, especially in burger-crazy Los Angeles. They are so well-received they have become our go-to protein at just about every grill demonstration and customer party. We figured it’s about time to share the recipe with all of you. The secret weapon in our burgers is a triple cream blue brie from Germany called Cambozola. Of course, all of our top burger tips still apply. Why do we do “sliders” instead of “burgers?” I think the perfect burger requires a rather specific thickness. On a full-sized bun, it requires about a half-pound patty, but on a slider bun, it only requires a quarter-pound patty – a much more reasonably-sized indulgence!

Here's the recipe>> 

What's on the Mind of the Woodworker? Cooking!

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