These strange little power saws are so neat - and cheap - they'd be fun to have just for the novelty. You'll feel like your on Gulliver's Travels to the woodshops of Lilliput. 

Take, for example, the Micro-Mark scroll saw with 16 inch throat depth. Variable speed for cutting wood, metal and plastic; a tool-less blade holder for fast blade changes. It uses 5-inch long pin-end or pin-less blades (with included adapter).

The blade can be turned 90 degrees for infinite cutting length. Its flex-arm lamp lights up the cutting line. measuring 10 inch wide x 16-1/4 inch long, its cast-aluminum table tilts up to 45 degrees. A self-powered blower clears dust from the cutting line.

Or how about the Mitey-Mite table saw from Chicago Electric. Designed largely for model builders, it's just what you need when you don't want to take the dado blades off the Delta saw for a single picture frame or moulding trim. It also has a miter gauge and two slots for angle cutting.

When its 4-inch blade is slicing at 90 degrees it can cut into a 3/4-inch plywood. Big-boy safety features include a blade guard and transparent eye guard

The down side on these saws is they may be more show than substance. So cutting balsa and bamboo, easy. But read through comments - both positive and negative - that you'll find on some of the websites, such as:

The wood cutting blade wouldn't cut butter out of the box. Well, go ahead. Find a four inch wood cutting saw blade with half inch arbor size in a hardware store. Then buy 50 cause you're never gonna see it again. I modified the entire saw.

Bought a four and 3/8 inch quality blade with 20mm arbor size in the hardware store. Got out the JB weld and stuck a half inch washer centered on the blade. Cut out the base and table top to allow the larger blade to fit, tightened the brush cups as far as they would go and backed off half a turn.

Now the thing really does a good job. For a modeler like myself, these modifications went a long way. By the way, after taking such drastic action you can count on the warranty not being honored. I couldn't recommend it because it seemed worthless without the modifications. Not everyone has the ability to do that.

For tougher cuts, a lightweight circular saw can slice through tile, block, stone, granite, marble and masonry up to 1-1/4 in. thick. Tile cutting features include an adjustable depth for cutting tiles or pavers that are too wide for cutting on a stationary tile saw. Like a lot of the little saws it has a cast aluminum gear housing.

Find them at Micro-Mark  and Freightharbor and wherever tiny saws are sold:)

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