Here's the step by step for making a sanding block to match a profile, for use on a Festool sander.

These are snap-on blocks that fit the Festool sander, with air holes to allow sawdust to be vacuumed into a dust extractor (aka shop vac) as you work. Variations on this approach would work for other sanding systems.

One side of the Festool sanding pad is hardened foam, the other side has the clip-on device for the sander.

You take the moulding, lay a Velcro self adhesive pad on it, affix sandpaper to that Velcro to follow the contours of the moulding profile, then rub the moulding block vigorously until it has been scoured to match that profile.

The profile sanding block can now be snapped onto the sander, sandpaper mounted on it - also using Velcro - and it is ready for high volume moulding profile sanding.

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