European Cabinet Design Catches On  The clean lines of European cabinet design seem to be catching on in the U.S. The design style featuring laminate doors with either square or rounded edges, in a rainbow of trendy colors or patterns, is the polar-opposite of traditional American hardwood cabinet doors.

Year after year the National Kitchen & Bath Association recounts the most popular wood species for kitchen cabinetry, with miniscule movements between among the popular species: cherry, oak, alder and maple.

But this European design jettisons that, favoring instead glossy acrylic surfaces with a plasticized look: more Formica than fine woodwork.

Denver’s Premier Eurocase added a PUR laminating line for producing high gloss acrylic panels in a variety of colors in scratch-resistant acrylic material offers extreme resilience.  While Premier Eurocase offers both fully laminated sheets or  finished cabinetry and other furnishing components, neighboring General Casework is using a similar style approach in its just-launched line.                           






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