Would you pay €327 ($433) for a rare pair of sneakers? The folks at Society27 think you may, especially knowing that there are only 27 pairs of these hand made sneakers in the world.

To get the message across, they've encased the shoes (the idea was thought up by member Dimitar Inchev). in custom made wood boxes, artfully produced by Archabits, a Bulgarian design studio, with the front panel designed by Valistika Studio in Barcelona.

This example is one of many that highlights a growing popularity for wood in packaging, according to The Dieline, a packaging design trends organization.

The Society27 is an international design cooperative, with 27 members around the world, that aims to create hand-made, personalized one-of-a-kind items. And wood is an important part of their packaging. Since the shows are hand made and limited in total run, it's a natural that the shoe boxes would be too.

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