Wood products will be affected by new FTC rules under development. Many popular green marketing claims - such as biodegradable, made with recycled content, etc. - ,  for products have to be backed by facts, under the proposed Federal Trade Commission guidelines announced earlier this week.

Cabinets and Wood Products and the FTC Green Guidelines

Read a summary of the FTC proposed "eco-friendly" green claim labeling here

A lot of the proposed rules, which are updates to existing FTC guidelines, won't be difficult for wood manufacturers, and the industry is already likely to be in compliance with them.

"Free-from" claims, which would probably touch on products made with formaldehyde free panels, are well established and well documented in the wood products industry, and should pose no problem.

Third party certifications that are founded on specifics and clearly established, such as those from the Kitchen Cabinet Makers Association's Environmental Stewardship Program, will be important as verification of green claims to consumers.

Cabinets and Wood Products and the FTC Green GuidelinesThe FTC's proposed guidelines for marketing made with "renewable resources" specifically cites bamboo flooring.

"Unqualified claims about renewable material may imply that a product is recyclable, made with recycled content, or biodegradable. One way to minimize that risk is to identify the material used clearly and prominently, and explain why it is renewable," says the FTC. As an example it  suggests, “Our flooring is made from 100 percent bamboo, which grows at the same rate, or faster, than we use it.”

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