What do you have to do today? Every day is a different ballgame. Monday it may be a stain and clearcoat. Tuesday you have that paint-grade job to prep and spray. Thursday may be a glaze job. And on Friday, you’re finally going to tackle those tired old bedside tables that you wife has been after you for years to refinish.

Are you ready? Here comes the week! But there are some tricks to help you stay on schedule and to make you look like an all-star finisher!

Free Webcast: How Finishing Can Grow Sales

Finishing guru Bernie Bottens focuses on versatility in finishing and coating to help you venture into new markets and grow business. Webcast goes live July 18, 2012.

Webcast Date:
July 18, 2012

10:30am CT/11:30am ET

Versatility: That’s what I see more and more in the shops I visit. Four years ago, everyone seemed to be in their own little niche and didn’t want to wander outside of that. Today, with the tumult that our industry and economy have undergone, those that are still alive and flourishing have broadened their horizons. They have been forced to do new and different things to stay in business.

As a businessman, I’m a “little guy.” I spend a lot of time working with other little guys. Regardless if you’re little or big, in these times of limited job resources, we all have much to lose if jobs don’t come and go our way.

So, here’s the question: How do we develop the versatility that we need to be able to move in all the directions that are necessary to pull in new work from new customers? Then too, what resources do we need to invest in to give us that versatility?

Stay tuned!

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