Whenever I come to Vegas for the AWFS, I spend my first day there “mowing the lawn.” I go up and down each aisle looking at everything. This moves my creativity to the point of beginning to think about what I have seen that is really good and what excites me. It’s those things that I write about.

The Yoda of MouldingCut N Crown caught my attention in Atlanta last year. Cut N Crown is all about Sheldon Smith. When you see him on the show floor at his booth, there is no mistaking Sheldon for who he is or that for which he stands.

He has a tiny booth filled with his product. He isn’t “in” his booth. He stands in the aisle by his chop saw and talks to the crowd via his wireless mike.

Sheldon is a worker bee. There’s no mistaking that. He is wearing his work shirt, jeans and boots. That combined with the sawdust all over him establishes his badge of authority. This guy has been there. He’s earned his tee shirts. He’s learned his lessons. And now, he has something to offer to anyone who walks by.

The crowd that stops is almost always dressed like he. Sheldon’s stories about cutting and installing crown mouldings call out to everyone else who has struggled with this operation. Those who have struggled know its issues and Sheldon has an answer that those who stop to listen understand. The crowd is compelled to drink further from his cup of knowledge. Those who keep on walking have yet to discover that there is a merit badge for installing crown molding.

Sheldon has developed and patented a set of jigs that allow you to cut both halves of the joint without moving the saw. Furthermore, the jigs tell you how to set the saw angle for the initial cut.

If you have never done crown moldings, I may have just lost you. If so, you will need to take my word for it that cutting compound angles is a challenge for any woodworker. Then too, fitting this kind of work up on a ladder with a big, floppy piece of crown makes it even harder. Add to that the understanding that moving the saw one degree or another either way within two planes of operation can waste a lot of material. You have to cut it right the FIRST time. Sheldon has come up with the answer to that.

His Deluxe Kit is available for $199.95 on his website. He also sells each individual part and piece if you need replacements and there are more limited kits available as well. F.Y.I., there are three commonly used spring angles for crown; 38°, 45° and 52°. Sheldon has a jig for each of those plus accessories and a carry bag to hold the whole show.

His in-feed and out-feed roller heads are as much a must as his jigs. They allow one person to hold that floppy big piece of crown so that an accurate cut can be made. Very nice! They come in the Deluxe Kit.

Take it from me, a guy who, like you, has his merit badge in crown molding installation trials and tribulations. Sheldon is worth a listen. Take a look at his website.

Until next time…spray on!


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