More than 4 billion minutes are spent on Facebook worldwide each day and chances are you, or people you know, are part of the 400 million active Facebook users logging in regularly. Give your business a personality and presence on the social media juggernaut and you can put your custom woodwork in the spotlight like you’ve never done before. What are you waiting for? Create a Fan Page, build a following and participate in the conversations happening online.
Worried that no one will become a fan? No need to fret. More than 8 million Facebook users are subscribing to Fan Pages each day!
Building a Fan Page is easy, and the best part, it’s free! Your Fan Page can contain content you produce, links to your Web site, photos, a designated area for comments and discussion to engage visitors. Post one-of-a-kind pictures of your furniture, cabinets or millwork to give your business a boost and impress your followers.
Have a unique tip to enhance the look of old cabinets? Know a trick to hide scratches on custom woodwork? Post it! Capitalize on users’ impulse to share. According to Facebook, over 1 billion pieces of content (photos, tips, links and videos) are shared weekly. Get people talking about your work. Use this opportunity to ask your fans’ opinions and thoughts. Fans can provide valuable feedback on new techniques or styles you are considering.
Every time you add a link, share industry insight, upload new photos, post a video or update the page’s status, fans will be alerted via their home page feed. Your page’s posts can spread across multiple users’ home page feeds – boosting your business’ visibility. The key benefits of a Fan Page allows you to engage your prospects and customers and drive traffic to your Web site.

For the best results, regularly update your Fan Page. This allows you to stay in the focus of your fans and their countless contacts. Start a Facebook Fan Page to engage customers, discover a bigger audience and drive traffic to your Web site. Share unique content and you can build a community around your business.

Walt Denny is president of Walt Denny Inc., a full service public relations, advertising and marketing agency which specializes in the home products arena, Internet marketing and social media. Denny has worked in the advertising/public relations agency business for 35 years. Denny and his wife and business partner, Mary Lou, started their firm in January 1989, and have run their own agency for 21 years. For more marketing and advertising insight, visit Denny's Facebook Fan Page Facebook Fan Page or following him on Twitter

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