Heartwood Install, a Marlton, NJ custom woodworking shop, has ventured into e-commerce with the launch of an online tool shop.

Owner Janelle Ande says the company's craftsmen are the key to turning raw materials -  cabinets, wood panels, and trim - into a finished commercial and residential interiors.  

But clients are often intrigued by the handy tools that Heartwood craftsmen use in onsite  work. "Advances in the types and quality of tools available help us to meet increasingly tighter deadlines, and complete tasks on-site that once had to be performed in the shop," says Ande.

A Dewalt TrackSaw, for example, let's Heartwood installers miter floor-to-ceiling architectural wood panels and achieve quality  miters comparable to a millwork shop. "This permits us to fit panels on-site instead of sending measurements or over-sized panels back to the shop; thereby allowing installation of the product to proceed more quickly."

Heartwood has opened an Amazon store to sell its favorite portable power and hand tools, and items such as saw blades and fasteners. The initiative gives Heartwood Install a new revenue stream, but perhaps more importantly, it gives them exposure to millions of consumers interested in woodworking. 

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