The Closet & Storage Summit in Savannah on October 23rd and 24th, 2014, promises to be the closet event of all time. There are many innovations in this conference that have never been featured in previous conferences. The itinerary on the official Summit website,, shows a very full two days of sessions, roundtables, focus groups, networking, shop tour, showroom tour, 6 meals and a beer-bash happy hour unequaled in the closet industry. Some of the key features in which attendees will participate include:

• A restricted session on "Best Practices‟ where attendees will submit their company data and compare their company‟s performance to others in the country (names of companies are withheld, but each participant is issued a private code). Go the website to see the questionnaire. This session will also display four closet designs which the attendees have priced, for comparative purposes.

• Session on marketing strategies of the future. Attendees will share effective printed and e-marketing advertising samples of what has worked for them.

• Roundtables on key issues facing the post-recession closet industry, including, recession strategies that got us through the downturn, releasing designs to customers, compensating your designers and installers, and much more.

• A session on expanding your market into commercial casework, real wood products, and other recession-proof markets.

• Shop tour of a 6000 square foot state-of-the-art, screen-to-machine cabinet shop with mini work-shops conducted by Hafele, Richelieu, Storage Motion, Cabinet Vision, Stiles Machinery, Grass America and other vendor attendees.

• The Beer Bash Happy Hour at Coastal Brewery, 100 feet from the shop tour.

• Two great breakfasts, two great lunches, two great dinners

• Never before attempted, Closet Olympics 2014.

• Ultimate-focus group session with our industry partners (vendors) who develop our accessories, hardware, software, supplies, etc. who want to hear from us concerning accessories for the future. How about expandable baskets and hampers and slack racks and jewelry trays, longer telescoping valet rods, retractable seats and luggage packing stations, and more of your creative ideas.

• A session on utilizing the ACSP Planning Guide which is designed to help you gain access to your local architects, builders, interior designers and real estate agents.

• State-of the-art showroom tour including the latest advances in lighting, office pop-ups, motorized wardrobe lifts, revolving shoe racks, hidden safes/gun racks, and more.

• Forty-eight (48!) hours of networking with closet peers, host company staff, and vendor Ambassadors who will be embedded with closet professionals the entire time.

This Summit is a one-time event, and registration is nearing full capacity. Go to and see ‘Who’s Interested’. There is a limited amount of space left. This conference is exclusively for Independent closet companies and invited vendors. Participants will walk away from this Summit with dozens of ways they can increase sales, increase productivity, expand into new and exciting markets, grow their company and increase their bottom line. The tagline for the Summit says it all,

“If you think you cannot afford the time or expense of this Summit, you really need to attend so you can learn how to afford the time and expense of this Summit.” Hope to see you in Savannah!

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