Social Media Does Work
June 28, 2013 | 11:15 am CDT
Not Building Your Brand? Then You Risk Extinction

Social Media Does WorkI received an awesome phone call last week...

A writer from an organization magazine has been following my social media activity and wants to use some of my content!!

No this isn’t a spread in the NY Times, but it definitely helps in positioning me as an expert... Don’t worry I’m not going Hollywood yet.

This article increases my Google-ability, SEO and the amount of people that see my content...

She’s using photos of the hardware that I sell, so this will also promote my vendors and if I do receive any retail leads I’ll pass them off to my customers - It’s a win for everyone!

Being able to give back to my vendors, customers and the closet industry really is the best part!

So just to circle back - Social Media Does Work!!

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