Not Building Your Brand? Then You Risk ExtinctionRight now the economy seems to be back... All of my customers are busy no matter their market and there is more than enough work to go around. 

You should congratulate yourself for making it to this point, but now is not the time to get comfortable... It’s time to double down!!

You need to focus on becoming the “Yoda” of your industry...

The guru that has all of the answers, can be trusted and knows how to use a light saber... Ok learning to use a light saber could take awhile.

If you’re not sharing content, creating fans and building your audience someone else will and is.

It might not affect you today or tomorrow, but I can promise in 5 years when you realize that it’s time to start creating your on line voice it will be too late.

Not Building Your Brand? Then You Risk ExtinctionWant to avoid extinction?? 

  • Start by taking a look at your social media profiles.  Are they complete and current?
  • Is your content appropriate?  Does your audience care that Kim Kardashian had a baby girl?
  • Are you sincere?  If not your audience will pick up on that right away.
  • Do you share content with a smile?  You have heard the expression, you can hear a smile over the phone, well you can hear a smile in your writing.
  • Do you appreciate your network?  Always thank your audience for listening to your thoughts and sharing your content.

Your turn - did I miss any? 

What do you do to build your brand?

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