IF - You think you can spend an hour walking the Expo floor and than get back to the shop...

IF - You're way too busy to spend three days speaking to colleagues...

IF - You know everything...

Not the advice you expected?

Keep reading, give me a chance to explain.

You're wasting your time because you're not allowing yourself to learn something new, meet new people or come up with new ideas.

You work all year responding to what's in front of you, never actually taking the time to slow down and work on your business - Attending the Conference gives you that luxury.

The conference is a full day of inspiration, some of the topics include -

- Learning the go to marketing strategy of one of the leading closet companies in the country.

- Closet production - Manufacturing vs Outsourcing.

- Learn first hand how the large kitchen manufacturers are building closets.

After a full day of sessions, we get out of the classroom and visit Plus Closets for a plant tour. There you will see some of the newest machinery on the market.

By the way I haven't mentioned my favorite part of the day - catching up with old friends and networking with new ones at the Top Shelf Awards Reception

All of this happens before the Expo even opens!

The deadline for early registration is March 22nd.  Click to register now and save $75. 

Meeting with vendors and seeing the latest hardware at the Expo is a bonus to all that you will learn during the conference... Hope to see you there!

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