Stiles Machinery hosted a lunch and learn at a California Closets franchise located in Suffolk County, NY. Tony and Vera DeVincenzo opened their doors and invited many of the local closet and cabinet shops to see their operation.

Yes that’s right…they invited their competition into their brand new 10,000-square-foot facility during business hours.

Not only did they allow their competitors in, I saw Tony explaining tricks that he uses to accomplish certain tasks in his shop.

Everyone had a great time… What do you expect when you get a bunch of closet guys together.

Their new shop features a Stiles Mid Range Cell that includes:

Holzma HPP-250

Brandt Edgebander

Weeke BHX 055TC

Stiles demonstrated specific challenges and gave a solution for each one.

They began the lunch and learn discussing the importance of machinery layout to reduce material handling. Tony benefited by knowing exactly the equipment he wanted and was able to design the space to the equipment.

Stiles explained the benefits of using software, creating a production list and downloading cut sheets.

We learned the importance of creating a bar coded label to help sort and stack the completed parts.

We saw the speed of the Weeke and the benefit of the clamping system. It eliminates constantly moving pods to cut smaller pieces.

We saw samples of Brandt’s new Air Tec Edge. Stiles explained that this is the future of edgebanding. It creates a zero glue line and in closets we all know how important the glue line is.

Here is the breakdown of what a mid-range cell can produce:

Holzma can cut over 90 cycles per shift.

Brandt can band 2500 edges per shift.

Weeke can machine over 400 parts per shift.

All of that can produce over 50 cabinets per shift

A few things for you to consider before purchasing new equipment –

Your available space – Believe it or not all of this can fit into 1000 square feet.

How do you currently manufacture?

Your software skills.

Skill level of the employees running your equipment

Pre-existing equipment.

Where do you see your company going?

For more info contact your local Stiles rep. – this setup is more affordable than you think.

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