A famous three-story, luxury closet featured on "Good Morning America" and in a variety of news articles was burglarized with a thief lifting nearly $1 million in jewelry and accessories.

The home of Woodlands, TX, philanthropist and entrepreneur Theresa Roemer features a 3,000-square-foot, three-story luxury closet worth nearly half-a-million dollars, according to published reports.

Roemer uses the luxury closet as a showcase for charity fundraising events for organizations such as the American Heart Foundation and the Texas Children's Hospital.

Described as her "female mancave," Roemer mentioned in a Neiman Marcus blog that her furs and hats are on the third floor of the closet. Her vast collection of designers shoes and clothes are on the second floor along with a champagne bar. And the first floor consists of storage space for jewelry and handbags. It was there that the burglar struck.

Authorities believe that the publicity surrounding the Roemer's closet made it a target for professional thieves. A security camera caught footage of the closet looter, who was dressed in a jumpsuit and hoodie, filling three designer travel bags worth $60,000 each with purses, jewelry and watches, according to the Houston Chronicle.

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