As someone who designs dream closets, I spend a lot of time inside of them.

And clothing reveals a lot about a person. You can tell from the items people love and wear what sort of personality traits they have.

I also have worked with a wonderful system called Fashion Feng Shui that sheds even more light on this concept while helping individuals dress for what they want in life. If I want more romance, I need to wear "fire" elements. If I want to attract sophisticated closet clients, I need to put on my "metal" elements.

But what about the structure of the closet? How do you incorporate that with your personality so you really do end up with the closet of your dreams?

Take a look at these characteristics and let me know what you think your personality is:

You'll see what goes into matching the elements of the closet with the elements of the individual.

Here’s the translation from the fashion in the closet to the function (or “architecture”) of the closet.

WATER – The Philosopher – Contemplative – they dress to be unique.

This closet has a lot of the things located where the owner wants them located. They typically have specific ideas about what they’d like to go where. It’s their way of expressing themselves, as well as helping them to feel more serene.

Waters are also very intuitive, creative and self-expressive, so custom features will appeal to them – that could be a unique, artsy, dichroic glass knob, it could be an ottoman in a midnight blue velvet with fringe on the bottom, it could be a custom made mirror in a unique shape – maybe in the first letter of the their name.

And this closet will feel delicious in a very sensuous way. The surfaces with be smooth – think an Ebony, Walnut or Wenge. And it will be sanded and buffed and finished to feel like a babies butt. The handles will be a good size and feel equally delicious as you grip them. The drawer slides will be smooth, full extension and self-closing (yes – mechanics are important to both luxury AND beauty).

This closet will flow – really flow.

WOOD – The Pioneer – Competitive – dresses to be active

This closet will be HIGH on function. Things will be easy to get at in a logical format. Very practical.

Pull out Drawers with lots of space in between them will win big points. There’s something very high function in being able to get a gander at your options without having to even pull out the drawer – yet it’s still contained and organized.

Incorporated into the design will be an easy place to toss the laundry and the gym bag.

Materials will involve Vertical lines in either the pattern or grain of the wood, such as Zebrawood (creates a cool, contemporary look and feel).

If the design/desire is more formal, columns will designed into the space between sections as decorative elements. But they’ll have hooks and valet rails inserted so function is still involved. Function always has to be involved.

FIRE – The Pleasure Seeker – Charismatic – dresses to be noticed

This closet requires a grand view as you enter – Drawers and Mirrors straight ahead – and whatever additional touches of drama you add – need to also be in full view. Those leather drawer pulls (or leather top or leather door inserts, for that matter) will be featured as you enter.

This dream closet will have a seating area for several, a wine refrigerator and a coffee bar. There will be lots of shoes (and lingerie) to play with and secrets to tell among “sisters” in this Hot Chic Palace.

Real Mahogany wood demonstrates excellent fire characteristics in that it has great red undertones even with just a clear finish/even without any kind of staining. Another wood that literally plays off the fire element is "Ash".

EARTH – The Peacemaker – Committed – dresses for comfort

A beautifully crafted, yet simply designed closet space works wonders for this peacemaker, as they love handmade things. Or it could also be simpler in materials but have touches of the handmade – like in the knobs –, which would likely be square and textured and possibly antique.

It could be traditional, raised panel fronts or square, Shaker Style.

Drawers will be a consistent size. Sections will be divided into the same symmetric size. All things will have a purpose.

Textured Fabrications (burls, wood with high grains) are pleasing to an earth essence, as is the simplicity and consistency of white.

METAL – The Perfectionist – Cultivated – dress in good taste

As good as it gets – they want the best – there would be lots of jewelry drawers, maybe even custom designed for their collection/wardrobe, their handles might be jeweled or agates, but curved and refined.

Most things would be stored behind doors/in drawers – many divided into sections or cubes for specific items.

Basket for lights, basket for darks, basket for drycleaner and an easy way for the help to take care of all of them (again, all behind doors).

If they lean toward traditional styling, corbels and moldings with lots of scrolls would be incorporated – and often a more pale wood (like maple or ash) or painted wood (Benjamin Moore White Dove).

Custom millwork and scribed to fit the space floor-to-ceiling is what this refined energy has envisioned.

Polished marble would be lovely for the top of the island(s) and counters.

Lighting will be ambient and in some spaces, more direct – all perfect for pulling together the perfect ensemble’.

As fellow spirits we appreciate the value of balancing our energies and creating a wardrobe that supports us. So I just love to be able to take these same principles and apply them to the structure that is, in fact, supporting the wardrobe.

Because here’s how I see it –

I believe that the closet is the most important room in the house.

Most people say it’s the kitchen (bathrooms are a given).

But think about it.

You can go an ENTIRE DAY (or several in a row, my dear, several in a row, as my friend Patty says) without cooking. But you DO have to get dressed (OK – it’s true – you can stay home naked – but not forever!).

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