What's Woodworking Got to Do with Jimmy Fallon?Are you rooting for Jimmy Fallon’s success? I am. 

What's Woodworking Got to Do with Jimmy Fallon?Because Jimmy Fallon is all “in”.

100%. He shows up fully and does his best every time.

And 100% of us love seeing that in others.

We love seeing others not just step up to the plate, but jump over it. I think it inspires the connection to “greatness” in all of us.

So what does that have to do with your business?

Well, Jimmy Fallon is also under a lot of pressure. He’s taken over the reigns of the “Tonight Show” and NBC is banking heavily on big piles of success.

Pressure. Yes. Lots and lots of pressure.

Can you relate? I’m guessing you’ve felt a good deal of pressure in your own business over the last several years. Housing markets and margins have taken big hits and so, probably, have your profit margins.

But NBC is banking on big margins for the success of the new rendition of the “Tonight Show” They feel that they can count on Fallon to deliver.

And I think that’s a good bet, because as the comedian and mega-talent’s career has evolved, as he has gotten better and better, the pressure to achieve even more success has gotten greater.

And Fallon has flowed right along with that, because he just keeps pushing the envelope and doing more.

A really fun example of that is that Fallon asked Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to be a guest on his show. Emanuel said he would do it if Jimmy would come to Chicago and join him in taking the “Polar Plunge” The Polar Plunge is a fundraising event that takes place in February. You actually jump in to lake Michigan.

Fallon accepted the challenge.

So take a moment of inspiration from Jimmy Fallon, who under all this pressure, is daring greatly to be his best self and is growing vast empires in the process.

He’s up for almost any challenge. Are you?